Contact In Line Services

Phone and Fax
Phone: 908-782-3740
Fax: 908-782-4131
Toll Free: 800-557-3088


Our Mailing Address
In Line Services, Inc.
110 River Road
Flemington, NJ 08822

If you have a leak:
Please attempt to put a container under the drip. If you are unable to contain the drip or leak – please attempt to shut off your water.

If In Line Services, Inc. installed your meter less than 10 days ago, please call 800-557-3088 otherwise, please contact your water provider.

If you are unable to reach In Line Services or your local water provider, please call your local police department, they should have the on call information.

Some Facts

Weather Conditions 3/6/15: Due to heavy snow in portions of New Jersey - some appointments will be cancelled. Call 800 557 3088 to verify if In Line is working in your area.

What to Expect
During Install

Click here to familiarize yourself with our installation process.